Mom Wants to Breed Video Series

Mom Wants to Breed

Nubiles 2023 (1:38:00)

Jennifer insists her stepson fill a cup with his load so she can taste it to see if he's eating properly. When he has trouble cumming on his own, this naughty stepmom swings into action and uses all her assets to get the load she's hungry for.Jessica is burning to finally have a child of her own, so when she visits with her sister's stepson, she decides his young cum is exactly what she needs and Mom Wants to Breed. He's hesitant at first, but soon, this Milf's thick body is too enticing to refuse.Nina wants a baby and her husband won't give it to her. She's feeling pretty blue about her lack of bun in the oven, but when she realizes that her stepson is having unprotected sex with his girlfriend, she gets an idea.When Bunny discovers that her stepson doesn't have a clue about what goes on between a man and a woman sexually. She's determined to set him straight. Things get a little too intimate and a simple conversation becomes a wild sexual encounter.

Mom Wants to Breed 3

Nubiles 2024 (1:44:00)

Jennifer White Jennifer discovers that her stepson has a pregnancy fetish and decides to discuss it with him. He's fixated on her boobs and Jennifer decides to fulfill his desires. Soon he's deep inside her and she's begging him to fill her with his seed!
Lauren Phillips Lauren comes into the room wearing just a short dress. She invites her stepson to put down his game controller and shoot his sperm into her pussy. Lifting her miniskirt, Lauren flashes her hairy muff, showing him her pussy is much better than any game!
Mona Azar It's Valentine's Day and Mona is going to make this one her stepson and his friend will never forget. In her hottest outfit, she tells the boys that she wants them to breed her. They're shocked, but eager to give Mona exactly what she wants!
Liv Revamped Liv's stepson confesses that he's concerned about getting his prom date pregnant because he has such a large, potent load. When Liv offers to let him bust a nut inside her he thinks she's kidding, but her open legs tell him, it's no joke!