Teacher Dominations Video Series

Teacher Dominations

Innocent High 2018 (1:53:00)

Gracie May Green is feeling like she's the victim of a bully, but luckily a friendly teacher knows how to make her feel much better. Riley Star sends nude pictures to her hot teacher and will do anything to keep him silent. Darcie Bell knows how to thank the substitute teacher that helps her hide from the principal. Miley Cole catches her horny teacher jerking off and finds it so sexy that she loses all self control.

Teacher Dominations 2

Innocent High 2019 (2:50:00)

From Innocent girls curious about their sexuality to naughty girls who know how to use their natural assets to get what they want. They have a vision in their minds and they won't stop till they get what they want! Pleasing their still developing sexual minds and bodies on the way...

Teacher Dominations 3

Innocent High 2021 (2:33:00)

Bookish Ivy Winters is stunning with her crystal blue eyes and cute blonde bangs. She heads over to her friends house for a study date and is surprised when her favorite teacher answers the door. Turns out he is the boys father and nobody knew it! Ivys gets wet as he asks her to keep it a secret. Then, she turns on her seductive charm and spreads her legs so he can see her tight teen twat. Luckily, the guys son left with another girl, so Ivy has some alone time with her crush. He rubs her vag lips as she gets ready for some deep penetration. Then, he shoves his giant dick inside her tight muff, slamming her as she cums on his boner. Talk about sextracurricular activities!
Bratty student Nicole Sage must be tutored at home due to being caught having sex last week. When she welcomes her new tutor Johnny Castle she immediately notices how hot and muscled he is and proceeds to put her charms on him. While she's practicing her art, he offers to pose nude for her and this makes Nicole jump his bones in no time!
Student girl Kenna James has been secretly hooking up with her teacher Johnny Castle, but he's worried about the consequences and thinks that they should stop. Kenna is reluctant, and tells him that if they're ending their hookups, they might as well end it with a bang!
Teacher Johnny Castle realizes that his student Natalia Nix hasn't turned in her project so he sends her a message to remind her. Natalia accidentally sends an inappropriate video back. Their conversation soon turns quite wild as Johnny gives in to temptation and fulfils his fantasy with this young student.

Teacher Dominations 4

Innocent High 2023 (2:58:00)

Kinsley Kane asks her teacher if there's anything she can do to get some extra credit ... anything at all.

Scarlett Mae has a tutor who isn't above giving her all the answers for an upcoming est but nothing in life is free.

Alex Blake and her partner have to prove they can take care of a baby for home economics, but they decide to play house instead.

Lily Larimar is caught ditching by her stepdad who straps a leash on her neck and takes her home for her punishment.

Teacher Dominations 5

Innocent High 2023 (2:24:00)

Macy Meadows knows right away that she's going to fuck her new teacher ... right there on his desk. 

Emma Rosie is caught with a Hentai book, which gives her teacher some naughty ideas on how to punish her. 

Channel Camryn goes to her favorite teacher's classroom early, and demands he teach her all about orgasms. 

Mila Monet is in trouble, but her teacher has an idea on how she can keep it of of her permanent record.