Danish Pastries

Danish Pastries video
Danish Pastries video
Studio: Video X Pix (1972)
Director: Fiddy Scent
Runtime: 1:25:00

This Danish Delight has two wacky professors testing an aphrodisiac and a sexual depressant on an all girls school in the 19th century. When the aphrodisiac gets in the town water supply by mistake, an entire town is in for some serious sexual fun. We see schoolgirls draped in blue robes, kissing and hugging each other, as they are so horny and in need of some hot man meat. They are thrown into a dungeon to repent for their horniness, and of course they escape to the nearest brothel, only to be turned away by the madam. Of course the mix up of aphrodisiac and the sexual suppressant creates quite an interesting situation within the town. This film was shot in Denmark ... a true classic from 1972, which is a great example for adult film-makers to study, as it has a unique sexual humor, rarely captured since.