Return to Planet Sex

Return to Planet Sex video
Return to Planet Sex video
Studio: Skin Flix (1999)
Director: Anita Rinaldi
Runtime: 1:22:00

There's a place that can only be experienced through sense. Where beautiful women roam the land and exist only to satisfy. Their crystal eyes seduce, their flawless bodies intrigue and their sexual desires are unrestrained. Feel, taste, smell, touch, experience Planet Sex.

Scene Breakdown
1. Anita Rinaldi
2. Anita Blonde | Frank Gun
3. Anita Rinaldi
4. Shanon Stone | Leslie Taylor
5. Anita Rinaldi
6. Wanda Curtis | Andrew Youngman
7. Judith Kostner | John Walton | Leslie Taylor
8. Anita Rinaldi
9. Mary Eleniak | Marzia Lippi
10. Anita Rinaldi
11. Greta Milos | Wanda Curtis | Frank Gun | Zenza Raggi
12. Anita Rinaldi

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