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Play 5 video
Play 5 video
Studio: Slayed (2024)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:27:00

SLAYED has lesbians who are ready to Play. This series shows how girls have the most fun when they're alone together. Featured cover girls Vicki Chase and Kazumi play a power game. When Vicki takes control, they both get off. Gianna Dior, Jill Cassidy, & Natalia Nix, Xxlayna Marie & Chanel Camryn, and Queenie Sateen & Jennie Rose also appear in our lineup of luscious lesbians. Sensual stories, frisky locations, and perky performers: SLAYED invites you to show some love to the lesbians in Play.

Scene Breakdown
1. Kazumi Shindou | Vicki Chase
2. Gianna Dior | Jill Kassidy | Natalia Nix
3. Chanel Camryn | XxLayna Marie
4. Jennie Rose | Queenie Sateen