Warming Up To Daddy

Warming Up To Daddy video
Studio: Missa X (2024)
Director: Ricky Greenwood

At first blush, Amber (Lily Larimar) was unimpressed with her new step-daddy (Ryan McLane), a scruffy fellow who seemed no more than a handyman puttering around the house. But to the petite beauty he was a real man -"the first real man I ever met" she thought, and it didn't hurt that he liked to walk around bare-chested.

And he's smitten with her, not ashamed to hide his feelings, boldly declaring: "You're one of the most beautiful girls that I've ever seen -besides your mother of course". Though she seems shy and studious, poring over her Russian literature studies, soon he's feeling her up in the kitchen, and she begins to melt with his seduction.

Will our virginal heroine become daddy's play thing, or is true romance in the offing? And what if her mother finds out? Watch her story unfold...

Scene Breakdown
1. Lily Larimar | Ryan McLane