Seeing Is Believeing

Seeing Is Believeing video
Studio: My Pervy Family (2024)
Director: Unknown

Clean up after your stroke session, boys. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the situation Johnny did with his stepmother, Justine. She stumbled on a pile of dirty tissue by Johnny's bed AND saw dick pics on his phone. She even sent them to herself, impressed with her stepson's cock. Justine confides this to her friend on the phone when Johnny waltzes in asking to borrow her car. But Justine wants him to stay home. With her. She shows him the dick pics she has on her phone - Johnny is shocked! He is even more taken aback when his stepmom starts rubbing his shorts and pulling his dick out! She begins to suck her stepson, swallowing his big, hard cock. Justine feeds Johnny her juicy tits as she rides him hard. Johnny fucks his stepmom deeply, making her shaved pussy cum over and over again. He takes her hard, banging out Justine until she orgasms another time and then Johnny nuts right in his stepmother's face!

Scene Breakdown
1. Justine Jakobs | Johnny Love