Little Girls Love Big Dicks 11

Little Girls Love Big Dicks 11 video
Little Girls Love Big Dicks 11 video
Studio: Crave (2024)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:35:00

Little Luna has gone to live with her sugar daddy. She decides to film a video to let her folks know she's ok, but once the camera is on, her exhibitionist nature takes over and she starts fucking her man until the cum flies!

Aria is having a private moment with her favorite toy when her man catches her in the act. He won't play second fiddle to a plastic dick and shows Aria that nothing compares to the real thing!

Natalie is freaked out by a shark in her pool but it's just her neighbor playing a trick. She's all worked up and excited, so she devours his hard cock and lets him dive as deep as possible into her wet slit!

Ava likes to sneak around her neighbor's houseto see what she can see. He catches her in the act and teaches her a lesson; sometimes bad little girls have to pay for their crimes and enjoy it!