Touch of the Younger Kind 11

Touch of the Younger Kind 11 video
Touch of the Younger Kind 11 video
Studio: Crave (2023)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:25:00

Leanna shows up at Tyler's house to buy his camera, but she's about $300 short. She suggests paying for the camera in other ways and Tyler is not one to pass up a young girl's best offer!

Vanessa gets an assistant job but it turns out she's not cut out for the work. The boss doesn't want to fire her though and is determined to find other ways she can help him out!

Mackenzie is hanging out at the skate park, but it's obvious this girl is looking for a more intense physical activity. It isn't long before our stud and Mackenzie are grinding away!

Moe tells us all about her favorite hobbies, including sucking dick and a good doggy session. Watch as Moe plays out her fantasies while she showcases her best skills on camera!