Our Love Stories - Taking the First Step

Our Love Stories - Taking the First Step video
Studio: Adult Time (2020)
Director: Lola Fae, September Reign
Runtime: 0:48:00

Demi Sutra is head over heels in love with the sweet, dashing Isiah Maxwell. It's the promising start of a beautiful relationship but Demi is nervous because they haven't spent the night together yet. In fact, she's so nervous that she's considering canceling her next date.

Demi's secretly worried about them being compatible in bed because of how ... tall ... Isiah is. At least, that's what she keeps saying because she's too embarrassed to admit that she's intimidated by how big Isiah's dick is. She's had a bad experience in the past and doesn't want to repeat it.

But after finally having a heart-to-heart with her good friend, Kira Noir, Demi realizes she just has to TALK to Isiah about it and let him know that she wants to take things slow. What they have is too special to pass up just because of past experiences. With that in mind, she adds the finishing touches to her date clothes and heads out into the night.

Later, after a wonderful date, Demi bites the bullet and invites Isiah inside her home. As things start to get hot and heavy between them, Demi's body aching for more, it's the moment of truth. She HAS to tell him her fears but how will Isiah react? Are they truly compatible in both body and soul or will she once again be left to pick up the broken pieces of her heart?