POV Cuckold 8

POV Cuckold 8 video
POV Cuckold 8 video
Studio: Roman Video (2011)
Director: Romulus
Runtime: 1:16:00

Your wife's name is Flower Tucci and you are her bitch slave husband bound to her forever! She's a beautiful and terrifying presence in black latex. She shouts commands and VERBAL HUMILIATION! She laughs at your feeble protests and makes you LICK HER ASS. That's when you discover SHE'S ALREADY BEEN FUCKING AROUND AND HER STRETCHED PUSSY AND ASSHOLE ARE DRIPPING WITH ANOTHER MAN'S CUM! That's right. No preliminaries. You're on your knees and slurping CREAMPIE in the first few minutes.

Although you cry and resist, Flower locks your shriveled penis in a CHASTITY DEVICE then taunts you with the key to your freedom that hangs around her neck. Your beg her not to fuck any more men, but she's already heading out on her next date. Out on her quest for multiple cocks, she corrals lover Johnny. She plops to her knees and gives an intense BLOWJOB while simultaneously verbally abusing you. Telling you how much bigger and better this new lover's cock is than yours. How superior he is to you in every way.

Flower screams with passion as her lover slams his huge dick into her pussy doggy style. She cums on his cock multiple times, fucked from behind, riding him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, and on her side.

She returns home to you, her pussy and panties flooded with the semen of not one, but several anonymous men. She orders you to your knees to lick the slimy mess out of her hole. You protest but she reminds you that it's the only way she'll ever release your cock from its cage.

So you dive into her crotch to taste and gobble up the thick and pungent cocktail. But you can't eat it all. She unlocks the chastity device and makes you fuck her so you can feel the sperm of better men squishing around your little dick. The intense sensation brings you to a powerful orgasm.

Later, Flower humiliates you by MAKING YOU WEAR PANTYHOSE. You meekly struggle, but your wife is clearly in charge. Then she graciously fucks you again in your feminized state.

Soon you explode inside her. You think you've gotten off easy, but think again. She orders you to eat your own nasty load out of her, and this time you'd better swallow it all!

Scene Breakdown
1. Flower Tucci | Lover Johnny