POV Cuckold

POV Cuckold video
POV Cuckold video
Studio: Roman Video (2010)
Director: Romulus
Runtime: 1:01:00

This video was filmed with the camera angle of YOU being the husband of Hot Wife Nikki Sexx. The camera angles make YOU feel like you are the one in the movie. Dazzling, voluptuous Nikki Sexxx is your wife. Yes, YOUR WIFE! Gaze deeply into her beautiful blue eyes as she kneels before you and TEASES your cock.

In up-close POV, she talks sweetly as she begins SUCKING YOUR DICK. She drives you so crazy with passion, you would do anything for her. When she tells you she wants to get fucked by a BIGGER, BETTER COCK, you try to resist, but she's so completely bewitched you, you give in. When she tells you she wants to fuck two different guys, you give in. When she tells you she wants YOU to SUCK OUT THEIR CUM FROM HER PUSSY ... you give in.

Then to the bed where Nikki SITS ON YOUR FACE, telling you how she wants to go out and fuck other guys. Her heavy, tanned butt cheeks wrap around your head as you try to mumble your promise to do whatever it takes to make your princess happy.

Scene Breakdown
1. Nikki Sexx | Bubba