Military Misconduct

Military Misconduct video
Military Misconduct video
Studio: Dorcel (2017)
Director: Liselle Bailey
Runtime: 1:59:00

In an isolated bunker, the army secretly leads a new kind of experiment and experience. To test the resistance of its troops, it will make soldiers live totally cut off from the world for 90 days. Anticipating the difficulties that can generate from such a situation, she has no alternative but to appoint Colonel Brandi as head of the project.

Colonel Brandi has a devastating physique, and she knows perfectly how to hide her sensitivity and to repress her desires. Although the rank of the uniform is a hard pleasure to hide she carries on. She quickly proves herself, and turns out to be the perfect person to push the soldiers to their wits end. She is very aware of the sexual tension building between the soldiers. She plays with their impulses, and receives unexpected achievements and results of the experiment, and experience. She continues to confront them with temptation, and holds to the confines of deprivation, and takes advantage of the soldiers all around.

In extreme survival will this create unfortunate mistakes? Will there be the risk of being caught up in a fantasy or prove the soldiers worthy of surviving the unpredictable conditions? Between training with vicious excesses and humiliating scenarios of all kinds, the need for acting upon lust may become the main obstacle that may or may not prove the success of the operation.

Scene Breakdown
1. Rebecca More | Sam Bourne
2. Cassie Del Isla | Valentina Ricci
3. Brandi Love | Vanessa Decker | Dorian Del Isla
4. Cassie Del Isla | Ricky Stone
5. Cassie Del Isla | Luke Hardy
6. Brandi Love | Xander Corvus