Cathy's Diaries Video Series

Cathy's Diaries 5

Pumpkin Media 2004 (1:56:00)

How do we keep doing it? Cathy's Diaries 5 brings you much MORE explicit HARDCORE than Cathy's Diaries 4. Like her getting fucked in the mouth, pussy and ass by 3 horny workmen! Sizzling hot lesbian action with Angel Long & Michelle Thorne! Receive MORE than just medical attention from a sexy nurse & rampant paramedic! Get it on with the dancer at a nightclub, the barman and a punter! Receive MORE than just a sofa from the delivery guys. MORE like 2 hard cocks to suck and hump!

Cathy's Diaries 6

Pumpkin Media 2005 (2:06:00)

Cathy's Diaries 6 is a non-stop fuck fest for all you guys and girls out there. Harder, faster and raunchier than EVER before.

Cathy Barry, the UK's favourite & Number 1 Pornstar:
- wins at a casino but has her money stolen, by a thief, while she fucks her boyfriend. How was she meant to notice when she had a huge cock in her slot?
- went on a modelling job, last Christmas, but ended up in the wrong building where she found Santa. He joyously filled Cathy's grotto with lots of presents from his sack!
- does a lesbian photo shoot with Karla. When the photographer exposes himself and slaps his canon in Cathy's mouth a 3-way gangbang ensues!
- has hot, pussy grinding, bush licking, clam munching action with a sexy American babe.
- gets dirty with 3 footballers she picks up while walking her dog. Every hole's a goal with some fucking great ball play in between!

Cathy's Diaries 7

Pumpkin Media 2011 (1:58:00)

Cathy's Diaries 7 surpasses all before. Harder, faster, raunchier and just downright dirty! Cathy Barry, the UK's favorite & Number 1 Pornstar: has a problem with her bedside lamp. When an electrician turns up to fix it, he plugs it in and Cathy proceeds to charge his meter! meets a girl and she shows her a thing or two about lesbian love! loves a bit of horseplay and she gets down and dirty with the stable boy! hates weddings but can't get enough of the party afterwards. gets gang-banged and swallows loads of cum!

Cathy's Diaries 8

Pumpkin Media 2011 (1:54:00)

Cathy's Diaries 8 brings you more ball-draining, hard, XXX action from the UK's special agent of sex. Cathy Barry, the UK's favorite and Number 1 Porn Star invites 2 of her best friends over for afternoon tea. When Marlon suggests he dunk his chocolate roll into her velvet cup she just can't refuse! Then she gives 2 horny guys, at her treatment room, a massage they'll never forget! She also catches her accountant sniffing her knickers and gives him the blowjob of his life! Next, she takes a trip to the wood yard with McKenzie lee and they get more wood than expected! And finally, she teaches Elle Brook the arts of lesbian sex.

Cathy's Diaries 9

Pumpkin Media 2008

Cathy's Diaries #9 surpasses all before by being harder, faster, raunchier and just downright dirty! It delivers, what has to be, the best collection of Cathy's sex fueled adventures to date.