Triple X Files Video Series

Triple X Files - Nicole and Margot

Private 1997 (1:44:00)

We present the new Triple X image. In this new edition you can see how Nicole goes after the horniest relationship with two porno actors. "Recommended" A couple arrives at a house with a letter of recommendation, although their best introduction is her body ... In "Excite Him", a couple is going to get a guy, tied to a tree, horny before they let him go. Is there anything better than to be a "voyeur" and, at the end, get to participate in what you've been seeing? This is what happens in "Regina and Angelica". A "Pink Cadillac" is a very recurrent place to carry out the wildest passions of a couple. You can see all this and much more in your new Triple X.

Triple X Files 2

Private 2001 (1:25:00)

"Your welcome" enjoy the sexual fantasies between a married couple and their plumber. In the restaurant you will discover that in a restaurant, you can do much more than just eat. Sweet dream shows you the dream of any man comes true to arrive, see and conquer. The divorce a lawyer confirms, in his own flesh, the accusations of a man agaisnt his wife. He will end up proving the husband is right.

Triple X Files 3 - Adele

Private 1998 (1:30:00)

'The Game' is a horny game that Adele plays with a few guys who know how to play billiards very well ... and other things too. In "The Boat of Love" a guy and two girls throw their own private party during a pleasure trip. In "Designing" a female fashion designer 'inspects' two of her models. In 'The Same Color' three executives have the chance to see that the color of the carpeting is the same as their boss' wife's underwear, and one of them is the boss himself. In 'Jacuzzi' two guys find out that you can also fuck at a jacuzzi. In 'Road ' you will be able to see how a fantastic blonde enjoys herself on American Roads.

Triple X Files 4 - Janka

Private 1998 (1:20:00)

"Volley Ball's" Two guys are going to teach Mishi how to handle balls.. To finally end up in the shower. In "A House With a View" you can see what can be done between a couple and a gardener after looking at the magnificent view from a house. "Stairway to Pleasure" Janka, the hottest of all, does her thing with a guy on the very stairs. In "Long Distance Train", after having missed the train, two guys discover Margo, a girl that is out of this world. "Will You Play?" Two couples play more than just a game at a poolroom. In "Her Secret Garden" Alyssa gets very horny watching the gardeners from her terrace ... she will achieve her intentions!

Triple X Files 5 - Enjoy Silvie

Private 1998 (1:30:00)

Five-star Service Two employees give excellent service to a female client. Feed Me Two friends are out for more than just dinner when a girl arrives ... Tracy Love You will see how two guys orient a young lady who has lost her way. Hungarian Style What more can be done between two attractive women and a man? Free for Desire Watch what a dominating woman can do with the encaged prey. Wet Rescue Two lifeguards are going to give a very happy and extremely horny rescue to a girl that is about to drown, and to her friend as well.

Triple X Files 6 - Katja Kean

Private 1998 (1:38:00)

Love in Paris A handsome young man invites beautiful Katja Kean to spend a lustful evening in the apartment he shares with a friend in Paris. Four for Love Two couples going on a walk decide to give in to carnal pleasures. Under Suspicion A blonde, suspect of her husband's murder, is interrogated by the police detectives who, believing she is innocent, comfort her for her sad loss. Girl Scout An excursionist tries to sell cookies to a gardener who pretend to be the owner of the house. Slow Beginner A retarded young man is introduced to sex by a beautiful girl with the aid of his brother right out in the wild. Bitch Business A business man has a terrible argument with his wife, so he hires a call girl.

Triple X Files 7 - Laura

Private 2002 (1:35:00)

Business for Pleasure See what sort of lustful boob-business two executives and a big-breasted blonde get up to in a hotel room. Carmen and Laura Two beautiful women liven up the evening for a rather excited gentleman. Nympho Service A black man asks to have a stud sent to his hotel room to help him satisfy his girlfriend's insatiable lust. Twin Lovers A waiter and a traveler fill their evening with pleasure on board a ship. Butterfly A couple's idea of spending a pleasant afternoon in a country cottage is to get an orgy going with the owner. Strike a Pose A photographer gets so horny with his models that he drops his camera and works them over with his other instrument.

Triple X Files 8 - The Dungeon

Private 1998 (1:40:00)

Pleasure Prisoners: Damp dungeons and moist maidens provide this prisoner with some sensual scenes. Blonde fucking: Christophe Clark gets to grips with latex lady Anita Blonde. Full-time Secretary: Two businessmen celebrate a new contract, not by uncorking a bottle of champagne, but rather the panties of a splendid secretary who quenches the thirst of them both. Sailing with Karoline: An ocean cruise turns into a "Titanic" story of seduction, love, and sex. Insert Coin: A young female videogame addict discovers that, in bed, there are more exciting things to get "hooked" on. Sandra and Maria: A farmer's work is nothing in comparison to the work of his organ when he has two horny country girls to satisfy.

Triple X Files 9 - Hyapatia

Private 1998 (1:32:00)

After a night of partying, a man returns home with his buddy. The sight of his wife asleep in bed, makes them horny and they awaken her to find she is hot for a "Home Party" with both men. A busty Brazilian girl gives two guys a quivering lesson in sensuality, combining salsa with European sexuality in "Brazilian Journey". Just before the disco opens some male employees rev up their motors and cocks with a gorgeous girl who will later bring you a drink in "Discosex". Photography is a complex art - everything must be just right when the artist "shoots" in "Photo Session". A former Marine captain returns to the Orient to find "The Geisha" he left behind is still happy to spread the petals of her lotus flower for him as East and West cum together in a cultural orgasm. Renaissance palaces could be boring places so the leading lady of "Gold Decade" livens up her dinner party with a courtesan fancy for dessert - her manservant's cock, her husband joins in the action with a deep and delicious anal penetration.

Triple X Files 10 - Memories

Private 1998 (1:45:00)

In Dumas, France, the Musketeers were famous not only for being great swordsmen but as proficient cocksmen as well! In "All for One," a voluptuous barmaid learns why!

Triple X Files 11 - Enjoy Jennifer

Private 1998 (1:40:00)

"Tennis Lesson", after a hard game of doubles the boys take a refreshing shower only to find that they have forgotten their shower gel. When they go to borrow some gel from the girls they find them celebrating their victory and accept the offer of a consolation prize. In "Cleopatra", the sacred fire of sensuality which burns within the goddess of sensuality can only be controlled by the powerful weapon of her slave. "More Than Friends", Christopher has a red headed friend who gets horny whenever he comes round. "Red, Red Wine", two tourists arrive at a house and decide to help themselves to a bottle of wine while they look for the owners. The lady of the house surprises them and decides there is only one way to make them pay for the drink. The price? Full sexual satisfaction. In "Meat Barbecue", a waiter prepares a barbecue for Silvia Silent and her fiery friend but they are so hungry that they just cannot contain themselves until the sausages are ready. The waiter is only too happy to offer his sausage as the first course. "Free For A Fuck" tells the tale of a Dominatrix whose slaves kneel before her. Imprisoned in her dungeon, every night they wait to be set loose by their mistress n order to satisfy her every sexual desire.

Triple X Files 12 - Eat Up

Private 1998 (1:40:00)

Six sizzling hardcore stories...

"Look After My Garden"

"Don't Touch Me!"

"Deep Cleaning"

"Bettina's Hardest Lesson"

"Stag Party"

"Eat Up!"

The majority of the girls featured in this gem are Hungarian. Hungary supplies the international sex trade with its most talented denizens these days, and the carnal cuties featured here show just why that is! In one S&M-flavored segment, a black women treats her brunette slave girl to some B&D delights, while a blonde sex kitten purrs and pleasures herself while taking in the show. Soon, a male slave is released from his coffin and joins the trio for some hyper-kinky fun. Then there's the mind-blowing foursome, during which a dreamy blonde stops into a bar for one last drink before she heads home, and ends up getting worked over by three bartenders.