Girls who Like Girls Video Series

Girls who Like Girls

Al Borda (1:05:00)

Welcome to Babes in Toyland! Sex Toyland- that is ... This tape is dedicated lovingly to all you lewd drooling cock-beaters out there in VCR cuntry. It's a sky-high fetish feeding orgy of chick-on-chick lip whipping- nip stretching- hole swigging movie magnificence!

Girls Who Like Girls 4

Al Borda 1999 (1:21:00)

Nothing is better to beat-off to than an All-Girl video. No dudes with big dicks to ruin your hard on- just nine great babes going at it cunt-to-cunt! My delicate- petite young ladies can rip anal and D.P. with the best. And these girls wrote the book on pussy stretching! This video is why God invented masturbation. -- Al Borda

Girls Who Like Girls 5

Pleasure 2001

Nice whores in heat, and they don't want any guys to get in the way. This is an all-girl fuck-fest and you won't believe the size of what gets stuffed inside their cunts! These chicks are animals, and just by watching them abuse each other you'll learn what your teachers forgot to tell you in Sex Education. Here's a clue: we went through a whole case of dildo cleaner for this one...