Gag Factor Video Series

Gag Factor

JM Productions 2000 (2:00:00)

What makes Gag Factor different then all other blow-job tapes out there? 1. Every girl must swallow the load of cum! 2. Every girl gets throat fucked until she gags and almost pukes! 3. Gag Factor has more stroke value than all the other blow-job movies combined! So ask yourself this question. Do you want to see another boring oral video or are you ready for Gag Factor?

Gag Factor 2

JM Productions 2000 (2:00:00)

Every girl swallows the load of cum! 1. Gag n. Something forced into or over the mouth, especially to prevent speech or outcry. 2. Gag v. To block off:obstruct. 2 To retch or cause to retch.

Gag Factor 3

JM Productions 2000 (2:00:00)

Every whore must eat cum! Are you ready for gag factor? Choke on it bitch! Totally throat fucked! Eat my cum, whore!

Gag Factor 4

JM Productions 2001 (2:00:00)

Watch as faces turn blue from a lack of oxygen in this throat fucking masterpiece.Each whore is brutally thoat fucked for your viewing pleasure.Every cock is forced down virgin throats balls deep,and every cum shot must be swallowed.It's a labor of love.

Gag Factor 5

JM Productions 2001 (2:00:00)

Nothing but throat! Cum eating in every scene! Whores must eat cum! Throat fucking done right!

Gag Factor 6

JM Productions 2001 (2:00:00)

Cum eating in every scene! It's all about the throat! Whores must eat cum! Coat your throat with cum.

Gag Factor 7

JM Productions 2002 (1:54:00)

Cum eating in every scene! A throat is a terrible thing to waste! Every load must be eaten! Open your fucking throat!

Gag Factor 8

JM Productions 2002 (2:00:00)

Cum eating in every scene! Watch them drown in their own spit! Going, going, gone!

Gag Factor 9

JM Productions 2002 (2:00:00)

Ten of your favorite whores fight to supress their gag reflexes as hroat fucking terror is honed to perfection. Enjoy - Jeff Steward. (Cum eating in every scene)

Gag Factor 10

JM Productions 2002 (2:00:00)

Cum eating in every scene! "Face it,most blowjob movies are bullshit,but JM Productions have revealed the most intense cocksucking series ever in the history of erotica.Willing and wanting young women take it all down their throats in an unforgettable display of cock-starved orality that will bring a tear to your eye,a bulge in your pants and indelible images burned deep into your cerebral cortex." - ADAM FILM WORLD

Gag Factor 12

JM Productions 2003 (1:55:00)

Cum eating in every scene. Eleven throats get devirginized for your viewing pleasure. Watch as each whore gets her "throat cherry" popped in the series that started the gagging craze.

Gag Factor 13

JM Productions (2:00:00)

Cum eating in every scene! So hardcore it will put a lump in your throat.

Gag Factor 15

JM Productions (2:00:00)

You've waited patiently and now it's here. The most hardcore throatfucking ever lensed!

Gag Factor 17

JM Productions 2005 (2:00:00)

When a whore is reduced to nothing more than a head, that's when you've reached the GAG FACTOR!

Gag Factor 19

JM Productions 2005 (2:00:00)

These girls are throatfucked for your amusement. Tragic or stroke worthy? You decide.

Gag Factor 20

JM Productions 2006 (2:00:00)

Gag Factor is a love story about a man and a throat. You will laugh, you will cry, you will jerk off.

Gag Factor 24

JM Productions 2007 (1:54:00)

Welcome to the new Gag Factor! If you love throat fucking, you're in the right place! Here we have cum in every scene!

Gag Factor 25

JM Productions 2007 (2:01:00)

"He fucked her in the windpipe and that sucked because she needs that thing to breathe!" - Jim Powers

Gag Factor 27

JM Productions 2008 (1:56:00)

It`s the FUN way to get a SORE THROAT! You don't want to miss the face fucking action!

Gag Factor 28

JM Productions 2008 (2:27:00)

It`s the FUN way to get a SORE THROAT! You don't want to miss the face fucking action!

Gag Factor 30

JM Productions 2009 (2:12:00)

Cum eating in every scene! Sore throats done right! Throats are of great utility when it comes to draining your fucking BALLS!

Gag Factor 31

JM Productions 2010 (2:13:00)

The girls are hotties and have an uncontrollable urge for cock shoved deep down their throats. Watch them get put to the test while guzzling cum after gagging on a yard of a stiff dick. Each hot babe thinks their gag reflex is the best so watch them work for the the crown as they eat up cum.

Gag Factor 32

JM Productions 2010 (2:02:00)

Jim Powers has done it again! Feast your eyes on #32 in the Gag Factor series where girls sign up for a blowjob/face fuck scene and get much more than they expected! These girls are face fucked hard! They're gagged with cock, literally! They've got spit dripping from their face as rock hard cock is crammed deep down their throats, gagging them while balls slap against their face! And then each stud nuts deep in the girl's mouth, so she has no choice but to gobble it all up!

Gag Factor 33

JM Productions 2011 (2:23:00)

Gag Factor is back and better than ever! This is one of the best volumes we have ever made of this modern day classic series!

Gag Factor 34

JM Productions 2013 (1:34:00)

Forget everything you thought you ever knew about a blow job. Yeah, it really is that fucked up!