I Swallow Video Series

I Swallow 2

Odyssey 2000 (2:13:00)

A mutual fan of Shanna and Rodney e-mailed them about collaborating on a big CUM-SWALLOWING scene. On a sex newsgroup, Rodney posted an inquiry about what kind of swallowing Shanna should do. They got hundreds of responses! The scene begins ... fluffers Obsession and Jade blow four guys and Shanna reads the most interesting swallowing suggestions. She gets down to business, sucking off all four guys and then fucking the 12" cocks of Byron and Lexington. She takes their sperm in a glass and chugs it down! Two more studs cum in her mouth and down ...

I Swallow 3

Odyssey 2000

The Sperm Bank As nurses at a sperm bank, Lauryl and Elle get guys off and store the sperm in the lab. With the nurses' help, huge-dicked Wolfgang spunks into a test tube. But nasty Nurse Lauryl downs the fresh goo. She and Elle thoroughly blow two monster-cocked black guys, but again Lauryl intercepts the semen. Disappointed Dr. Rodney must once again donate his own load, but the insatiable nurse gobbles up his blast too!
Hooker Alley 1 Rodney finds streetwalker Daejha plying her trade. She says specialties cost more, but Rodney is willing ...

I Swallow 4

Odyssey 1999 (2:07:00)

Six nasty, cum-swallowing scenes Cutie Pie Charlene is a contestant on "The Swallowing Game." In the make-up room she blows the host and the male hairdresser. They cum into make-up artist Claudia's mouth, and she drools the jism into Charlene's mouth for swallowing. On the show, Charlene gets her pick of three black contestants, so she chooses?all three! The lucky winner drops to her knees and blows three black bones before swallowing all three loads. For an encore she blows the producer and swallows his semen! Teri offers Rodney a blow-job in ...

I Swallow 5

Odyssey 1999 (2:10:00)

Love 5 Julianna and Monique are cheerleaders at a doubles tennis match. Monique blows the line judge, and soon both cheerleaders take on all five guys. The line judge and four players shoot their loads into the cups on Julianna's hat, and she slurps away!
Succulent Statue When Rodney touches the statue of a hot redhead on the beach, she comes to life! He takes her to his van, and don't be knocking when that van starts rocking! Back at his place, she swallows a big Rodney Blast.
Leaning Fee Rodney finds Annika leaning against his van in ...

I Swallow 6

Odyssey 2000

Stroke Lite On Watching sexy European Zarina's hot strip show, four horny guys are allowed to jerk off. Zarina won't let their tasty sperm go to waste - she kneels and sucks till they all cum in her mouth. She swallows most, but with four heavy loads some overflows. Then Rodney cums into a glass so Zarina can drink his load down without losing any! Sun Strokie After she's fallen asleep sunbathing by a pool, Rodney finds Xanthia and takes her up to his room. He boinks her, cums inside her pussy and then catches the drippings on a spoon for her ...

I Swallow 7

Odyssey 2000 (2:15:00)

Perverted Pet
Nova is cum-hungry and finds herself becoming Rodney's new pet. So he invites four of his friends over to give her something "extra" to drink! Mia and Bethany suck his friends off and take huge loads of spoo on their mouths, while Nova is forced to watch. Then Nova gets a straw and slurps the cum up out of the girls' mouths! The three girls then go after Rodney, sucking him hard. He cums in Nova's mouth, who in turn, shares with Mia, who then shares with Bethany!

China's Box
China has put a web cam up in her ...

I Swallow 8

Odyssey 2001 (2:16:00)

I Eight The Whole Thing!

Semen Server Sexy Skye is a little blond with a hairy pussy and a sex slave,Trinity, a big, busty blonde. Trinity's task is to serve up semen for her mistress. In three segments, Trinity sucks guys off until each cums into a glass, which is served up to Skye. Skye swallows the spunk, but shares some sperm with her slave so they can both swallow.

Lost Cell Phone Searching for his lost cell phone at the raquetball court, Rodney finds Xanthia stretching. It's no stretch to get her to stretch her mouth and ...

I Swallow 9

Odyssey 2000 (2:10:00)

Cafe Rude Dining with Guy at Cafe Rude, Alana finds waiter Steve quite obnoxious. Guy cautions her not to bitch; angry waiters may spit in food. When she yells and cancels her order anyway, Steve offers a complimentary tea. In the kitchen, Allison blows Chef Wolf and the waiter till they put something far worse (or better, if you take cream) in Allison's tea. Something about that tea makes her horny, so she kneels and blows Guy, who feeds her a protein supplement in place of her meal.
Cover Girl The only way Rodney can get Charlie to swallow ...

I Swallow 10

Odyssey 2000 (2:14:00)

HOW TO BE A GOOD AGENT: Naive Kirsten moves to Hollywood seeking stardom. She tells Rubee, her very reputable casting agent, that she'll do anything to make it as an actress. But Rubee strongly discourages even topless scenes. Rubee refers Kirsten to Rodney, unaware that he makes that kind of movie. When he gets Kirsten alone, Rodney has her undress for some nude shots. Rubee returns to find Kirsten on her knees giving a blow job. The shocking result could only happen in Hollywood.

CUM DOME: Cute Devlyn has wild sex with Rodney, and ...

I Swallow 11

Odyssey 2001

Syren's Revenge Having caught her boyfriend cheating, Syren vows to get revenge by screwing the first guy she sees. That's when she spots Rodney's ad for girls who swallow, lick ass, anything to get laid. Vengeance is sweet! Quick Ho Blo Rodney doesn't have time to get laid, but a quick blow-job from a Puerto Rican hooker will do in a pinch. Especially when she swallows his goo! Flimsy Mike asks Autumn to try on the flimsy outfit he's bought for his girlfriend. Sounds like a flimsy ploy, but soon she's trying on his cock! He cums on her face ...

I Swallow 12

Odyssey 2000 (2:15:00)

Sleazy Agent In a fantasy segment, sweet, innocent Angelina thinks it would be fun to do an adult video. Alas, she thinks adult videos are what she see on late night cable TV no penetration. Worse yet, a sleazy agent takes advantage of her, talking the naø'e girl into sucking him, fucking him and even swallowing his sperm! Who Is That? Kyla Swallows asks Rodney to tape her friend Lotta, who wants to do porno but is afraid to be recognized. Kyla gives Rodney a wet, sloppy blow-job till Lotta shows up with a lotta' butt, but one handicap It's ...

I Swallow 13

Odyssey 2001 (2:14:00)

I Couldn't Wait: For a future Cumm Brothers movie, Wolf and Rodney were to be joined by Mandingo in a scene with the lovely Darla Crane. As he prepares in the bathroom, she sees the size of his cock for the first time and can't resist going down on him on the spot. Alas, she's such a good cocksucker that he cums down her throat and she swallows every drop. Drained and useless, he leaves the Brothers without their scene. They make do, banging out a scene for "I Swallow", and Darla gets to eat two more huge loads.

A Good Example: Rodney ...

I Swallow 14

Odyssey 2001 (2:04:00)

HOOKER SABRINA The only girl out on Hooker Alley is Sabrina, who's cute but not dressed like a working girl. Rodney's van rocks like it's in an earthquake! BRUISED BOOB When Titiana gets punched in the boob, she must visit Dr. Hooters. He examines her with his meat thermometer and she swallows a big healthy load of his medicine. HOT HANDS Deedre checks out Rodney's lava lamp to repair it. He burns his hand on it and now he can't touch his cock so she lends a helping hand and mouth. BOOB TENDER Hoping to encourage a sleazy distributor to ...

I Swallow 15

Odyssey 2000 (1:28:00)

After downing Mandingo's big tool and all his sperm, Shanna sucks off five guys, taking each of their cum shots into her mouth and drooling the semen into a glass. Finally she swallows the entire, gooey mess. This is just one of six scenes on this edition of 'I Swallow.'

I Swallow 16

Odyssey 2002 (2:16:00)

REVENGE Ashley kicks out her cheating husband and vows vengeance--she'll screw the first guy she sees! Dressed as a slut, she gives a homeless guy one hell of a handout. Ashley does things she never did with her husband, like taking him up her rump and swallowing his goo!

PROM DAY Rodney discovers Caroline wearing her college prom dress in the woods. The have sex on a rock in many interesting (and painful) positions, and she swallows a big Rodney blast.

PANTY GIRL Dominica delivers the panties Rodney ordered, but they're ...

I Swallow 17

Odyssey 2002

Pads by the Stream Queeny strolls through the woods half naked but equipped with knee pads. She gives Rodney a b.j. by a brook and relishes every drop down her throat, but not before blowing huge cum bubbles.

Blow-Job Instructor Rodney can't get girlfriend Lexi to give decent head, so he finds a b.j. instructor in the phone book. The couple enjoys a hot, nasty hump while they wait. Enter Mia, who teaches Lexi how to give a really wet, sloppy b.j. After more humping, Rodney shoots a huge load of goo on Lexi's face, which she happily ...

I Swallow 20

Odyssey 2002 (2:10:00)

First Swallow: Angel has never swallowed cum, even in her personal life. But she's willing to try. After sucking up a storm on Rodney's cock, she takes him in several positions, making sure he works up a big load. Then she opens wide for a big, gooey mouthful. Does she swallow? You be the judge.

Britni's Blotches: With blotches on her legs, Britni visits skin doc Kyle. He's too busy to see her, but she keeps showing him more and more skin till he finally gives her a very thorough exam right in the waiting room!

Change Cans: ...

I Swallow 22

Odyssey 2002 (2:20:00)

Handy Dandy Attachment: A door-to-door salesman for the Handy Dandy Vacuum Company, Rodney claims his product will clean anything. But what about lazy wife Mariah's pussy? Well, the vacuum may not have the right attachment, but Rodney certainly does. In the end, she's the one sucking the cum out of him. Suck Session: In a solo video, Ryan shows her drooling skills on a black dildo. The shoot ends, and so does her solo - she proves her aptitude on Rodney's meat. Luring Alaura: Rodney persuades another model to do all kinds of nasty things just ...