Coed Fever

Coed Fever video
Coed Fever video
Studio: Caballero
Director: Robert McCallum
Runtime: 1:30:00

She's Going Back To School ... At A Campus That's About To Become Wide Open ... !This is one campus where the students all major in carnal pleasures!  But there's one fraternity that's gotten out of hand!  It seems that Uppa U Omega has set a most ambitious goal- and that is to enjoy the intimate delights of every eligible coed on campus!  And that's just too much for the sororities to take so they approach the Dean with a unique plan to have Uppa U Omega thrown off campus- and thereby effectively prevented from pursuing their dastardly intentions!This is a sensational example of the Golden Age of Adult Movie Making at it's very best!  Shot on location on film with a huge cast- wall-to-wall sex in all it's deviant forms- and even real music!  All from the master filmmaker of that era: Harold Lime!