Amazon Facesitting

Amazon Facesitting video
Amazon Facesitting video
Studio: Roman Video (2009)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:00:00

BIG BLONDE HARSH BABES! These two ferocious warrior women will crush you like the wimpy weenie that you are.

Scene One begins with Mistress Heidi Mayne introducing herself and showing off her heavy flesh in super close POV. Her thick thighs and bulbous butt cheeks spread, revealing her glorious holes as she disdainfully commands you to worship her.
Slave Ryan is well aware of her disdain, compelled to live naked and leashed behind her couch. When she enters and orders him out, you can see the fear in his eyes. She makes him sit on the floor for a panty-clad bout of FACESITTING while calling him "ridiculous", "pathetic", "a moron". She strips off the panties and orders him to lick her naked pussy and asshole. He does his best, slurping hungrily at her holes, but can't manage to please her. She shakes her butt, slapping his face with her cheeks.

She makes him kiss and worship her ass while she pulls at his leash, commanding him to lap at her hole like a dog. She stands over him with his neck craned back and makes him LICK FROM CLIT TO ASS. She lies him on the couch and SMOTHERS him until he flails for oxygen. When he forgets himself and puts his hands on her butt, she SHACKLES him to the stairway so she can continue FACESITTING and REVERSE FACESITTING without interruption. Her massively meaty butt cheeks shake on his face until he can only babble incoherently.

Scene Two starts with a POV of gorgeous Mistress Alexis Texas taunting you seductively as she caresses her soft white flesh. She calls you a "little bitch" as she DRIVES HER FINGERS INTO HER MOIST PUSSY. "Don't you wish you could stick your dick in there?" she asks. Forget about it, bitch!

In the bedroom, she straddles Slave Ryan and asks him if he's a pussy. He tries to say no as her shaved crotch descends upon his face. She grinds her labia and swollen clit all over his face as he gasps. She turns over and shakes her butt over him, making him beg her to bounce it on his face. She finally indulges him, planting her anus on his tongue, her plump cheeks wrapping around his head.

She gets on her hands and knees and makes him LICK HER ASS LIKE A LOLLIPOP. He worships her pale posterior and SMOTHERS himself in her upturned booty. She moans and cries out ecstatically, making you think she'd be happy with his performance. But NO! She lies him back and savagely SPANKS HIS COCK. She twists his leash around it, calls it a "bad cock", and slaps it repeatedly.

More REVERSE FACESITTING with her ass jiggling wildly on Ryan's wet mug. His tongue stretches far out of his mouth to probe her sopping holes. She spins around and makes him suck her cunt until she CUMS!