Adventures of Buttman

Adventures of Buttman video
Adventures of Buttman video
Studio: Evil Angel (1989)
Director: John Stagliano
Runtime: 1:55:00

Have you ever picked out a video because there was a girl in it that you thought had a great ass, but when you got the video home and played it, you found out that the damn cameraman never got a good shot of that girl's ass? Well I have, many times, and I hate it. Finally I can point the camera where I want to and keep it there without having to worry about disturbing the flow of a scene, because that's the whole point of this video. I play a cameraman for the hire who can't resist getting his camera on the floor and shooting up at gorgeous bottoms, even when I'm not supposed to. This obsession of mine gets me in lots of trouble. I've found some beauties for this movie. Take a look at: Dutch bombshell Tanya De Vries, voluptuos Heather Torrance, Sascha Strange's and Champagne's incredible big round cheeks. Tianna's and Bionca's sweet firm little buns, and finally Tracey Adams big perfectly curved round butt. All these butts are thoroughly caressed by my camera. There's some anal, even more ass licking and lots and lots of ass worship. This is the video I've always wanted to make.