Adult Affairs

Adult Affairs video
Adult Affairs video
Studio: VCA (1994)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:27:00

Those TV tabloid shows are always trying to get the dirt on someone else. So what happens when the staff of a trashy news show suddenly finds itself embroiled in its own scandal? 'Adult Affairs' is one of the most popular shows on TV ... but the ratings really hit the roof when the oversexed staff starts dishing out more than just the dirt. It just goes to show that sex really does sell ... even a trashy- sleazy news show!

Scene Breakdown
1. Juli Ashton | Roxanne Hall | Rocco Siffredi
2. Sid Deuce | Randy West
3. Kirsty Waay | Alex Sanders
4. Laura Palmer | Rocco Siffredi
5. Juli Ashton | Cal Jammer
6. Nina Hartley | Jay Ashley | Richie Razor
7. Nina Hartley | Tom Byron
8. Kirsty Waay | Nina Hartley

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