She-Male Idol - The Auditions 2

She-Male Idol - The Auditions 2 video
She-Male Idol - The Auditions 2 video
Studio: Evil Angel (2010)
Director: Joey Silvera
Runtime: 2:46:00

Director Joey Silvera travels the world in search of the sexiest, horniest, most feminine, but best-hung she-males. If he thinks they've got the required look, personality and functionality, they can try out for his camera. She-Male Idol: The Auditions 2 is nine successful transsexual greet-and-meats; we get to meet the young, prospective talent, and they greet us by pumping the meat that plumps from their panties till they can't help spilling spunk. For some sexual adventurers the allure of chicks with dicks is obvious, the best of both worlds, but these scenes deliver the heightened excitement of revealed intimacy because Joey brings out the sexuality and inner humanity of these most exotic subjects. Bee Armitage is a hot bleach-blonde American girl in a red mini-dress — she's an alt-alt girl who plays electric guitar. "See, God does have a sense of humor," she says as she flashes her bulge through Argyle panties. Bee masturbates her big boner and fucks her own ass with a vibrator, making it a greasy mess. With her French-manicured nails she jerks out a syrupy load, then tells Joey she got off on a really filthy prison fuck fantasy. Joey calls Bailey Jay, "America's Sweetheart," and the shapely, black pony-tailed cutie lives up to the title with precious lines like, "People think I'm a hooker ... I get propositioned all the time. They're like, 'How much for a b.j.?' and I'm like, 'Free if you wanna blow me!'"