Briana Banks Aka Living Legend

Briana Banks Aka Living Legend video
Briana Banks Aka Living Legend video
Studio: Xtraordinary Pictures (2008)
Director: Dru Capone
Runtime: 2:06:00

Busty and classic porn babe Brianna Banks gets two doses of cock in this double feature porn flick. In the first section, she plays a sexy nurse who gets it on with a doctor in the lab. Heedless of the fact that other medical professionals could walk in on them in the middle of their disgusting sex act, Brianna blows the doctor and then takes a hardcore pussy fucking from the alpha male. Then we see busty Brianna masturbating with a candle in an occult ritual. Another good looking chap comes in, giving her pussy a good licking and then slamming her like she's never had it before. A stupendous facial finishes this double whammy scene!