Beauty and a Geek

Beauty and a Geek video
Beauty and a Geek video
Studio: Sweet Sinner (2009)
Director: Nica Noelle
Runtime: 1:53:00

Sweet, geeky Dane is in love with hot blonde Dani. But when she tells him he's just not romantic enough for her, Dane vows to change his geeky ways and win back her love. With a little help from Deluxe and happy hooker Nina Hartley, Dane regains his confidence -- until he learns Dani has fallen for suave French doctor Manuel Ferrara! Will Dane's true love for Dani win her back, or will smooth, deceptive Manuel steal her away forever?

Scene Breakdown
1. Avy Scott | Manuel Ferrara
2. Nina Hartley | Dane Cross
3. Dani Jensen | Manuel Ferrara
4. Dani Jensen | Dane Cross

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