Cafe Flesh

Cafe Flesh video
Cafe Flesh video
Studio: VCA (1979)
Director: Rinse Dream
Runtime: 1:15:00

The Time ... Five Years After the Nuclear War. The Survivors ... Post-Nuke Thrill Freaks Looking for a Kick. Able to exist, to sense ... to feel everything but pleasure. In a world destroyed, survivors break down to those who can and those who can't. 99% are Sex Negatives. Call them erotic casualties. They want to make love, but the mere touch of a person make them violently ill. The rest, the lucky one percent, are Sex Positives, those libidos escaped unscathed. After the Nuclear Kiss, the positives remain to love, to perform and the others, well, we Negatives can only watch, can only come to Café Flesh.

Scene Breakdown
1. Terri Copeland | Ken Starbuck
2. Becky Savage
4. Pia Snow
5. Marie Sharp | Ken Starbuck
6. Marie Sharp | Kevin James
7. Marie Sharp | Pia Snow
8. Pia Snow | Kevin James