Elexis Unleashed

Elexis Unleashed video
Elexis Unleashed video
Studio: Mile High (2009)
Director: Nica Noelle
Runtime: 2:16:00

Sweetheart Video Contract Star Elexis Monroe unleashes her erotic powers in this delightful lesbian film about love, friendship and passionate sex. When Elexis reaches her 30th birthday, Nica, Sinn, Ariel and Michelle plan a surprise party. But the surprise is on them when Elexis announces her plans to leave lesbian erotica behind and get a "normal life." Will Elexis really leave behind the world she loves? Or will fate put a mysterious woman in her path to reveal her true destiny? In a charming tale that borrows from her real life journey to become a contract star, we learn why Elexis Monroe was always destined to become a lesbian icon

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