Fuck the World

Fuck the World video
Fuck the World video
Studio: Club Jenna (2008)
Director: Jack the Zipper

We shot everything right in the middle of the California Wildfires of 2007. I had been planning to make something called 'FUCK THE WORLD' for a while. The title was going to be about redemption, about letting go when life starts to suffocate, escaping to the realm of the senses. Fuck Fear, Grind, feel the moment like it's your last night on earth - A fever dream that takes place on that mythical last night. To me, that was the right kind of movie to be making. Two years slipped by and suddenly we were shooting and the hills of LA were being incinerated, my idea had taken on an urgent new dimension. The fire burned for days, it burned all the way to the edge of the pacific until it ran out of things to burn. The canyons were charred black, looking a lot like the end of the world, but the ocean never looked more beautiful ever.