Content video
Content video
Studio: Vivid Alt (2009)
Director: Eon McKai
Runtime: 2:14:00

Is Eon McKai's new movie just a post-modern porn cop-out? You see, due to the economic downfall and the advancement of the internet, the adult industry has changed; forever. For the better or for the worse? Gone are the days for finessing such squalid material into the refined opuses we have bestowed on the prOn community time and time again. As result, Eon has taken this Titanic by the helm and delivered, Content. Now, everyone here at Vivid Alt is doing their part to keep the beast alive and drooling - even our performers reveal their "Recession Position" and give more of themselves than ever just to get through this rough ride. Eon McKai's Content is the first adult material tailored to the needs of a country on the mend (but we aingt giving this shit away). So strap on your "Golden Parachute" and decide if this is purely "just dontent" or jyet another scheme to finuse porn with content.