Getting Off

Getting Off video
Getting Off video
Studio: VCX (1980)
Director: Hayes DuPree

Julian and Alexandria, two veteran San Francisco sensualists, are initiating their latest protege, the beautiful Marpassa (Desiree Cousteau), to the unique sensations of Getting Off. Marpassa listens in as Alexandria takes her through a sexual odyssey of unleashed passions. Crystal, an exotic young fashion model, is seduced at a photo session and goes on to blue cinema stardom. Serena and Becky Greene attack each other and a male bystander who gets a foot as well as a head from the energetic nymphettes. Renie and Rickets, a couple of carnal punkettes, translate the New Wave movement into unique sexual hypersensitivity. Janet Mason and Mellissa Penny fall prey to super-natural seduction and engage in an orgy with towering Dino Deaumonte. Throughout Alexandria's storytelling Marpassa submits to nonstop acts of blissful decadence and is led up to a breath-taking climax in which Julian and Alexandria teach her the ultimate method of Getting Off!