Hotel Desire

Hotel Desire  video
Hotel Desire  video
Studio: Marc Dorcel Fantasies (2000)
Director: Mike Foster
Runtime: 1:43:00

The notoriously bumbling waiter. The passionate waitress who works her magic on the more than willing customers. Three witches, with decidedly Sapphic learning. A maid who has more interest in occupying the beds than making them. And a unique collection of guest with one thing on their minds: Sex. Can you think of a more pleasant place to stay?

Scene Breakdown
1. Dora Venter | Nick Lang
2. Silvie Raz | Mike Foster
3. Adele Wiesenthal | Blond Panni | Sylvia Laurent | Sheila Scott
4. Dora Venter | John Walton | Leslie Taylor
5. Alexa Schiffer | Monica Moore | Bob Terminator
6. Sheila Scott | Nick Lang
7. Sandra Iron | Mike Foster

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