Twilight Pink

Twilight Pink video
Twilight Pink video
Studio: Arrow/AFV (1981)
Director: Travis St. Germaine
Runtime: 1:19:00

You're about to be thrust in another sexual dimension and place; You're about to enter the erogenous zone. Twilight Pink is hosted by Sterling Rod in a series of highly erotic tales, shot on 35 mm film, submitted for your approval. This lavish film features some of the legends of porn in their prime, such as Veronica Hart, Annie Sprinkles, Tiffany Clark and Kandy Barbour.

Scene Breakdown
1. Veronica Hart
2. Veronica Hart | Bill McKean
3. Veronica Hart | Gordon Duvall
4. Tiffany Clark | Veronica Hart
5. Christie Ford | Jake Teague | R Bolla
6. Annie Sprinkle | Marc Valentine
7. Kandy Barbour
8. Mistress Candice
9. Kandy Barbour | David Christopher
10. Kandy Barbour | Mistress Candice
11. Kandy Barbour | R Bolla
12. Tiffany Clark | Veronica Hart | Bill McKean | R Bolla