All Knight Long

All Knight Long video
All Knight Long video
Studio: LBO Entertainment (1984)
Director: Mike Vidor, Peter Anglich
Runtime: 1:08:00

Sensuous Nikki loves to spend her nights in the company of her best friends. One thing quickly leads to another when lovely neighbor Tracy Adams happens by during a romantic interlude between Nikki and steady boyfriend Billy Dee. Meanwhile, Buddy Love is caught with his pants down when he invites the nasty Nina to audition as a stripper while his wife Alexia is out for the evening. Alexia returns to join in the fun, but the tables soon turn when Nikki finds out.

Scene Breakdown
1. Nikki Knights | Jon Martin
2. Nikki Knights | Tracey Adams | Jon Martin
3. Nikki Knights | Jon Martin
4. Tracey Adams | Billy Dee
5. Nina Hartley | Buddy Love
6. Alexis White
7. Alexis White | Nina Hartley | Buddy Love
8. Nikki Knights
9. Alexis White | Nikki Knights | Buddy Love