Pinch video
Pinch video
Studio: Vivid (2008)
Director: B. Skow
Runtime: 2:42:00

Matt has a secret ... he has a tiny penis and nobody knows it. Then one day when he and his buddies are playing golf, Matt is taking a leak behind a tree and gets beaned by a golf ball. When his two friends rush to his aid, they get a peek at the smallest dick they've ever seen. Now his buddies know why he backs out every time they try to get him laid. They hatch a plan - they take Matt to "Manning The Guru," who can hypnotize a man into believing anything ... including that he's hung. The plan works .... but it works too well ... now Matt's ego's as big as his imaginary cock. His friends plan an intervention ... but as luck would have it, when Matt snaps out of his delusional state, he discovers he's in love with Manning's assistant ... the girl with the tiniest pussy ever.