Coctomom video
Coctomom video
Studio: Devil's Films (2009)
Director: Tom Moore
Runtime: 1:39:00

We may never know the real logic of why Coctomom did what she did. Was it Fame? Was it for the Notoriety? Or is this chick just a cum junkie? Everyone knows the crazy chicks fuck the best, but who knew what she has planned! She's collecting sperm for a cum cocktail! Armed with a cooler full of dry ice, Coctomom sets out to extract and collect eight sperm samples from a wide array of horny guys. Watch the crazy tale unfold, and see what she plans to do with this "Cum-coction."

Scene Breakdown
1. Vannah Sterling | Kurt Lockwood
2. Vannah Sterling | Seth Dickens
3. Vannah Sterling | Jenner | TJ Cummings
4. Vannah Sterling | Jack Lawrence | Jack Vegas
5. Vannah Sterling | CunTre | Tone Capone

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