Leg Affair 13

Leg Affair 13 video
Leg Affair 13 video
Studio: H2 Video (2005)
Director: Frank Thring
Runtime: 1:48:00

There are tit men. There are ass men. And then there are the others ... Those who dig on the supple thigh, the firm luscious calf, and the prim dainty foot. Leg Affair 13 is hardcore for the leg man. Imagine all the fucking and sucking of your typical smut film, then filter it through a leg-worshipping world view. All the cock-slurping, jizz-spurting, butt-banging filth you come to expect from good porn is here in spades. With a twist! All the action happens below the waist in Leg Affair 13.

Scene Breakdown
1. Judy Wolf | Mia Stone
2. Kevin King
3. Yvette Balcano | Janos Volt
4. Silvia Saint
5. Donna Marie
6. Honey Winter | Tia