Manuel Ferrara's Raw

Manuel Ferrara's Raw video
Manuel Ferrara's Raw video
Studio: Evil Angel (2008)
Director: Manuel Ferrara
Runtime: 4:55:00

A peek inside the award winning director's private collection: A deluxe two-disc set, Manuel Ferrara's Raw showcases a more intimate side of the French superman's approach to porn. In five basic, one-on-one scenarios, Manuel takes us into his private (and a few public) places, using only his roving camera, his hypersexual imagination and his massive schlong.

Keeping the videography simple and direct enables the viewer to really focus on these sexy ladies and the incandescent erotic energy they bring. Mixing POV and voyeur-style shooting, Manuel strips away all the fancy video work and phony setups, leaving nothing but real, nasty, unspoiled fucking ... pure and raw.