Buttman's Revenge

Buttman's Revenge video
Buttman's Revenge video
Studio: Evil Angel (1992)
Director: Bruce Seven, John Stagliano
Runtime: 1:47:00

This early sequel to Buttman vs. Buttwoman was co-directed by the late, great Bruce Seven & stars Nina Hartley's legendary ass, naughty Suzie Matthews & the beautifully bodacious & kinky Heather Hart. Tianna portrays Buttwoman, competing with Buttman for world ass dominion! Who will get it in the end?

Scene Breakdown
1. Lorrin Mick | John Stagliano
2. Heather Hart | Suzie Matthews | Tianna Collins | Alex Matthews
3. Lorrin Mick | Woody Long
4. Teddi Austin
5. Melanie Moore | Porsche Lynn | Tianna Collins | Sean Michaels
6. Teddi Austin | Tianna Collins
7. Nina Hartley | Felipe | John Stagliano