Hot Letters 3

Hot Letters 3 video
Hot Letters 3 video
Studio: H2 Video (2004)
Director: Frank Thring
Runtime: 1:43:00

Ever read those dirty letters in sex mags and wanted to see them for real? Well, now you can, thanks to Hot Letters!

Vignette scenes include: Boy Toy, Nymphos Made Us Jerk Off, Online Dating, Uniform Crazy and Backroom Backdoor Fun.

Now you can get in on other people's deepest sexual fantasies!

Scene Breakdown
1. Anastasia Christ | Charlie Stygger | Rudy Strong
2. Stacy Silver | Neeo
3. Kathy Anderson | Thomas Crown
4. Barbara Summer | Lenny Power
5. Jane Darling | Cage
6. Claudia Rossi | Nikki Sun | George Reno | Wein Lewis