Casino - No Limit

Casino - No Limit video
Casino - No Limit video
Studio: Marc Dorcel Fantasies (2008)
Director: Herve Bodilis
Runtime: 2:30:00

In the world, there are men ready to play and discover new sensations. To do this, they've committed themselves to "no limit" games, where the stakes exceed all prohibitions and violence rubs shoulders with sex.

Nacho Vidal, a villain obsessed with pleasure and money, prepares one of these games on the orders of "Hortz" (a former war criminal) and his seductive assistant, Nina. More characters are added to the risky experience, starting with the mysterious Melissa Lauren who is motivated by an obscure secret. Assisted by Yasmine and her billionaire husband, Melissa will have to overcome the most immoral obstacles to reach her jackpot.

From Paris to Ibiza, from yacht to sumptuous villas ... Discover the decadent atmosphere of playrooms where each character hides their secrets, passion and depravity.

"CASINO-No Limit" is the highest budget for an adult movie in France (210,000 €uros). For the first time, both Marc Dorcel exclusive contract girls, Yasmine and Melissa Lauren, play together in a movie.