Throat - A Cautionary Tale

Throat - A Cautionary Tale video
Throat - A Cautionary Tale video
Studio: Vivid (2008)
Director: Paul Thomas
Runtime: 2:05:00

A beautiful young woman is found dead in a field amidst shards of broken glass. Who was she? Why did she die? Who killed her? We move back in time to her life as a young student, waiting tables, unable to make ends meet. She takes a job in a peep show where she learns, to her great amazement, that the seat of her sexuality is in her throat. Suddenly her sex life, always a pretense of pleasure, changes dramatically. But where she sees pleasure, her boyfriend sees profit ... and pushes 'The Girl With The Golden Throat' up the ladder of success, from peep show to private clients to featuring in a major club called The Zone. Tired of being used, she snaps ... and attempts to bite off the cock of the biggest porn star in history ... leading to her own tragic demise. And of course, during the autopsy, the coroner and his assistant find something in her throat they've never seen in any throat before: a clitoris ... a tiny bit of flesh that made and unmade the life of a lovely young girl.