Initiations 23

Initiations 23 video
Initiations 23 video
Studio: Anabolic (2008)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 3:00:00

At Anabolic we've had a few of our Director's each contribute to this amazing movie to help create a very special volume! We proudly introduce our cover girl Kiki Vidis in one of her first ever sex scenes! This sweet as honey Aussie has always aspired to be a Porn Star and we are happy to help her achieve her goal. This volume is action packed with new cummers; Chayse Evans' sexy slutty talk is likely to arouse most any man to a point of ecstasy. If you like thick meaty asses enjoy checking out Cayden Moore's Plum Rump Hump Lump! It's so juicy looking it may make your mouth water! Every girl in this volume is smoking hot and ready for some serious fucking & sucking!