Barbara Dare Devours Men

Barbara Dare Devours Men video
Barbara Dare Devours Men video
Studio: Gourmet/GVC (1987)
Director: Robert McCallum
Runtime: 1:14:00

In this highly erotic spoof on sword and sorcery movies, "Barbara the Barbarian" sets out to free her sister from the evil clutches of the king. Only Barbara doesn't use a sword to go after villains, she uses her body! Man, woman, friend or foe, it doesn't matter, Barbara will bring you to your knees. Barbara Dare approaches a group of lusty men like a starving woman set before a banquet table -- she devours them! Jeanna Fine contributes a mighty tasty scene of her own. A great movie filled with fun, frolic, and fornication.

Originally, this adult DVD porno film was entitled "Barbara the Barbarian" in 1987 and was re-released in 2008 under the new title "Barbara Dare Devours Men".

Scene Breakdown
1. Barbara Dare | Billy Dee | Peter North | Shone Taylor
2. Jeanna Fine | Peter North
3. Dina DeVille | Herschel Savage
4. Jeanna Fine | Nina Hartley
5. Nikki Knights | Nina Hartley | Randy West
6. Erica Boyer | Scott Irish
7. Barbara Dare | Randy West