Buda video
Buda video
Studio: Evil Angel (1997)
Director: John Stagliano
Runtime: 2:13:00

The ancient city of Buda, now part of Budapest, is where the newly rich gangsters reside, in the hills overlooking the city they terrorize. Out of the wreckage that communism left of Hungary's social structure, gangs, guns, and girls for sale have become the fashions of the day. Primal urges rage unchecked in a people known for their passion, with sex and lust inciting jealousy and violence. In this society struggling to rebuild, the most beautiful women in the world strive for the material possessions of the west. They are also passionate, sensual, and without the moral reservations about sex of more religious countries. It is the best place in the world to make a porno movie, and to fall in love.