Jenna's Gallery Blue

Jenna's Gallery Blue video
Jenna's Gallery Blue video
Studio: Vivid (2002)
Director: Chi Chi LaRue

For your consideration ... Jenna Jameson ... gorgeous ... standing in a black room with black windows ... a black void if you will ... witnessing a surreal gallery of pure sexual debauchery, including her own long-awaited reunion with Vivid superstar Cassidey. Jenna's Gallery Blue. Where everything is a little left of center and nothing is ever quite what it seems. With the amazing Jenna in a rare, all-new feature role, beautiful Dru Berrymore, Cailey Taylor, Dee, Nicole Sheridan and more. You are traveling to another dimension ... of sight ... of sound ... of Jenna. The signpost up ahead says ... Jenna's Gallery Blue ... Filmed in 2002, released for the first time in 2007!

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