Bottom Dweller 3 - 33 1/3

Bottom Dweller 3 - 33 1/3 video
Bottom Dweller 3 - 33 1/3 video
Studio: Elegant Angel (1995)
Director: Patrick Collins
Runtime: 2:00:00

Our saga begins in crisis! Harry Dweller, unable to locate his drunken uncle, the long, lost Captain Dweller, is faced with losing the Bottom Dweller (the boat). Harry finds himself in front of the most depraved banker in history, Careena Collins, who has seized his accounts. He needs cash ... but she needs help. Together they consumate a drenching deal.

Scene Breakdown
1. Careena Collins
2. Careena Collins | Jake Steed
3. Laura Palmer | Santino Lee
4. Andrea | Joey Silvera
5. Marilyn Martyn | Joey Silvera
6. Nici Sterling | Sofia Ferrari | Roscoe Bowltree | Shawn Ricks

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