Studio: Vivid
Director: J Angel Martine

We knew it would happen. Always does. Take one of the hottest adult stars on the planet, send her to the to the most beautiful part of Brazil, add in five of Brazil's most sizzling porn queens, 90% heat and the naughtiest beaches on the planet and all hell breaks loose ... or all heaven, more accurately. Prepare for anal. Prepare for all manner of toys. Prepare for a long, tall, beautifully tanned Sunny, all under a beautiful Rio sun. Actually, forget it. There's no way to prepare for this ...

Scene Breakdown of It's Sunny in Brazil
1. Fabiane Thompson | Sunny Leone | Roge
2. Sara Scott | Wesley Nike
3. Sara Lemos | Sunny Leone
4. Princyany | Sunny Leone
5. Giseli Gucci | Henry