Games Women Play

Games Women Play video
Games Women Play video
Studio: Caballero (1986)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:15:00

Ante up! Come on down! And play the games women play with five luscious models who live in the free-spirited lane of New York's advertising industry. Here everything's a gamble - the stakes are high and the games are hot as these women enter into erotic contests with their boyfriends, husbands, and each other. It's a raunchy roulette of lust and passion, where lady luck makes sure no one loses. Watching the women play will make your mouth water. The rules are hard and fast ... and these gals know how to break them. Like in a horny stud poker game where nothing is according to Hoyle. So place your bets. You don't want to miss your piece on the checker board.