Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit video
Bon Appetit video
Studio: Video X Pix (1980)
Director: Chuck Vincent
Runtime: 1:24:00

Can any woman seduce the ten best lovers in the world? The prize is $250,000 and Faith is willing to give it a try. Her first attempt is New York newscaster George Hollings, and then it's off to Paris and painter Salvador Robinson. In Las Vegas, it's billionaire recluse Hugh Howard, in Munich it's brewmaster Herr Humplemeyer, and in Hollywood the quarry is superstar Jeffrey Towers. At Mr. Tower's exclusive poolside cocktail party, Faith puts all the moves on high fashion designer, Carlo Bozzini, as she climbs up the erotic ladder in her quest. BON APPETIT takes you around the world in the most stunning erotic adventure ever made. Filmed in six countries and twelve cities, BON APPETIT is truly a film for everyone with a "good appetite" for life!