Man's Ruin video
Man's Ruin movie
2006 - 1:53:00

Studio: Vivid Alt
Director: Winkytiki

Melodie seems like your regular alt-girl next door ... but her happy-go-lucky video game playing day takes a wild turn when she is chosen for a mysterious corporate mission. To accomplish it she must face and fight her way through levels of bizarre sexual perversion ... could it be real? Alt-girl today ... alt-hero tomorrow. Man's Ruin takes you thru a visually supercharged ride into the dark and seedy underbelly of the "biggest" problem facing our nation: sexual deviancy, fetishism, exploitation, and other "un-natural" behavior which contaminate and weaken our society. Pinup lensman Winkytiki brings you a dioramic and mondo-bizarro tour of these depraved deviants and ultimately ... their fate. Because ... this is what is supposed to happen in the movies.